Case Studies 08/26/2019



Complete a fine dining restaurant with its own bathroom facilities


Plumbing needed in a restaurant situated on the wharf


Sanicubic 2 Pro WP

For a fine dining restaurant, it’s incredibly important to have self-contained facilities. The last thing a restauranteur wants is for his exclusive clientele to leave the restaurant to use the not-so-nice public amenities. This is the problem Alessandro Pavoni faced with his restaurant, Ormeggio at The Spit.

“Having our own bathrooms was key for me. I’m running a fine dining restaurant and containing our customers within the restaurant is very important to their overall experience.”

- Alessandro Pavoni, Owner of Ormeggio at The Spit

When Alessandro decided to create two internal bathrooms for Ormeggio as well as a small bar, his plumber suggested Saniflo. As the restaurant is situated on the marina, accessing conventional plumbing was not an option. Luckily, Saniflo’s innovative pumping solution allows the installation of wet areas in locations where traditional plumbing is not possible.

To achieve the desired spaces, complete with two toilets, two basins and a bar sink, Saniflo recommended the Sanicubic 2 Pro WP

Given the restaurant is on The Spit and the tidal nature of the location, the IP68 rating (submersible) of the Sanicubic 2 Pro WP made it an ideal choice.”

- Greg Waters, Technical Manager Saniflo Australasia

The Sanicubic 2 Pro was selected for the reliability of the twin 1500W motors and high flow rate, making it ideal for restaurant facilities. There is also an alarm feature to indicate any faults.

On weekends, we can serve up to 80 guests, so we needed to have a reliable plumbing solution. I am very happy with Saniflo. Not only does our pump work well, our guests also frequently comment on our beautiful facilities. It’s unbelievable how happy everyone is.”

- Alessandro Pavoni, Owner of Ormeggio at The Spit

Thanks to Saniflo’s Sanicubic 2 Pro WP, Ormeggio now have two beautiful bathrooms plus a complete bar with bar sink, an absolute must for any restaurant.


  •  Powerful, heavy duty commercial grade pump.    Wireless remote alarm to indicate faults.
  • Twin 1500W motors and an IP68 waterproof rating.
  • Pumps 11m vertically, 110m horizontally, or lesser combinations or both.

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